Why hotel investments and passive property?

“We specialise in fully-managed high-income property investments in the UK and internationally: excellent growth potential and a lifetime of passive income.”

You may never have thought about investing in a hotel before now, but we believe that hotel investments will deliver the sort of growth and returns that we demand for ourselves, and because it’s a hotel, in a fantastic holiday resort, you don’t have to manage the tenants, repairs or filling the rooms. That part is all done for you.

Armchair investing – almost!

  • A hands-free investment – simply receive a substantial share of the rental income
  • The Luxury tourism market is relatively unaffected by economic conditions
  • Most of our hotel investments can be purchased using a self-invested personal pension
  • Benefit from substantial discounts below market value
  • Emerging tourism markets for capital growth
  • Tropical locations for year-round occupancy meaning the highest rental returns
  • Flexible investment strategies (buy and hold, buy to sell, personal usage)
  • Rental guarantees available
  • Contractual guaranteed buy back options often available.
  • Enjoy the property yourself!

Simple effective and you can take part

You don’t need to worry yourself about landlord certificates or the upkeep of your property or concern yourself with non-payment of monthly rental, that’s why hotel investments are so fantastic, everything is done on your behalf and all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your investment.



Whilst making my decision to invest, Graham remained focused on what I wanted to achieve. I needed to trust the person I was going to invest with and Graham has passed the test. 

I am completely happy, thankful and satisfied with Graham and HighGround. Together we will meet my financial goals and I am looking forward to further investment with HighGround Property. 

A great guy to work with!

Mr Warren Burg, 
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