Property Bonds and Notes

Property Bonds and Notes

Map of Property Bonds and Notes
  • Secure shares in Property Assets in a choice of countries
  • Fixed contractual interest
  • Take advantage of exceptional bank-beating returns without the hassle of direct ownership.
  • No worries about maintenance or refurbishment compared to direct ownership.
  • No rental void periods compared to direct ownership.
  • Short to medium term (typically 1-5 years)
  • Asset backed investment.

Introduction to Property Bonds and Notes:

Be the Lender - not the landlord ...

Property Bonds offer a convenient way to enjoy significant short to medium term returns with your capital returned in full. Entry levels start as low as £10,000 and offer assured annual returns (typically 8-12%) for income, or compounded for capital gain.

Property renovator companies issue bonds to raise finance to accelerate the business, which is more convenient and less costly than traditional bank lending in today's market. Guarantees and assurances are in place, backed by the property assets in the portfolio.

The property development businesses issuing the bonds fall into two broad categories:
  1. Buy, Renovate, Sell
  2. Buy, Renovate, Hold  
The underlying asset base, business model, track record and location all meet our demanding requirements for security and high returns.

Bond and Loan Note opportunities are only suitable for qualified investors, and the following are a sample of the range which have passed our Acceptance Criteria. To answer all your questions about our available property bonds, speak with Graham our Senior Property Bonds consultant - simply book a call below:

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Available Investments in Property Bonds and Notes:

Manchester Renovations

Manchester Renovations
  • UK Investment open to high net worth & sophisticated investors.
  • Impressive fixed annual returns.
  • Secured income until September 2021 with capital returned.
  • Independent security trustees receive, hold and manage investors' funds.
  • Legal charge on prime residential development sites in Manchester City Centre.
  • Developer has proven track record.
  • Strictly for qualifying investors only.
Investment from: £20000
Completion Estimated – 2021

German Listed Building Restoration

German Listed Building Restoration

  • Fixed rate return of Interest.
  • Secured by Registered First Legal Charge.
  • Underlying Asset on which the investment is secured is a German Government Listed Building.
  • Term options for investment of 2 & 5 years are available.
  • Strong track record in the sourcing, renovating and sale of German Listed Buildings.
Investment from: £10000
Completion Estimated – 2016

Saving Stream Bond

Saving Stream Bond
  • 7% gross annual rate of interest
  • Paid  in quarterly instalments net of 20% tax from date of issue until date of redemption
  • 5-year fixed term
  • Issued by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lendy Ltd, the operator of the Savings Stream Platform
  • Loans on the Savings Stream Platform are secured exclusively on UK property
  • Every loan on the Saving Stream Platform has independent 3rd third party lawyers transacting
  • Interest taken out on day one of loan to ensure funds cannot be used to service debt
Investment from: £5000

For full details about the benefits of investing in our carefully selected Property Bonds, call us today on 0800 612 6601
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